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Cisco DMVPN Video Guide to Configuration and Deployment

Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN) was originally set out to provide a more economical alternative to other WAN technologies like Frame Relay and MPLS. During the first few years after its inception, implementing DMVPN was a bit of a challenge as there were limited features, bug issues, and people lack of understanding. Now that the difficult time has passed, DMVPN is very much considered a mature technology and has become a viable low-cost WAN solution due its scalability and security, not to mention many features that have been added over the years. In addition, as the cost of internet continues to drop, and given the reliability of internet today, people begin to feel more comfortable running their business applications, even VoIP, across the internet so it is no longer rear to find DMVPN being used as a primary WAN connection. This article will guide you through DMVPN videos that are available on our website, either as free online steaming or video download, and provide overview of how to best utilize these video to maximize your learning experience. 

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