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WL0036 - WLC Office Extend AP (FlexConnect) (Part 1)

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Title: WL0036 - Video Download $17.00
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The video introduces you to the concept of Office Extend AP on Cisco Wireless LAN Controller. We will go through enabling Office Extend capability on an AP running FlexConnect mode, setting up AP authentication over internet, and going over best practices. The features we will look at include Split-Tunnel (specified, and local), and personal SSID. 
Part 1 of this video covers environmental setup and LSC AP authentication
  • FlexConnect Office Extend AP (OEAP)
  • Locally Signed Certificate (LSC)
  • FW Static NAT and ACL
  • OEAP Split-Tunnel 
  • OEAP Personal SSID

About Author

Metha Cheiwanichakorn, CCIE#23585 (RS, Sec, SP), is a Cisco networking enthusiast with years of experience in the industry. He is currently working as a consulting engineer for a Cisco partner. As a founder of and an instructor at, Metha enjoys learning and challenges himself with new Cisco technologies.


Please explain how Guest VRF DHCP was created on SW1 and associated with LM-WLC2.

A guest VRF was created with SVI only for DHCP purpose. Default gateway is on the ASA. Below is part of the config.

ip vrf GUEST
rd 99:99
ip dhcp excluded-address vrf GUEST

ip dhcp pool VLAN99
   vrf GUEST
   option 43 hex f104.ac10.6368
interface Vlan99
 ip vrf forwarding GUEST
 ip address


I just want to know which connection type exist between HQ and Branch ( WAN or VPN ).
how to connect branch AP to HQ controller ?
Thanks You.

It is just a simple subnet that sits outside HQ FW simulating connection from the internet.