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SEC0186 - ISE 1.3 Wireless 802.1X with EAP-TLS and PEAP (Part 2)

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The video walks you through configuration of wireless 802.1X using EAP-TLS and PEAP on Cisco ISE 1.3. By leveraging AD integration from the previous video, we will configure authentication and authorization policies to support both user and machine authentications and enforce Machine Access Restriction (MAR). Here we assume user and machine certificate are already installed. We will perform testing on both domain computer, and iPad, and observe authentication results.
Part 2 of this video focuses on configuration validation with user testing


  • Network Device and Group
  • Policy Set
  • Certificate Profile (Common Name)
  • Identity Source Sequence
  • User and Machine Authentication with EAP-TLS and PEAP
  • Policy Element Result
    • Authorization (Downloadable ACL)
    • Authorization (Authorization Profile)
  • Authentication Policy
  • Authorization Policy


About Author

Metha Cheiwanichakorn, CCIE#23585 (RS, Sec, SP), is a Cisco networking enthusiast with years of experience in the industry. He is currently working as a consulting engineer for a Cisco partner. As a founder of and an instructor at, Metha enjoys learning and challenges himself with new Cisco technologies.