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RS0110 - Prime 3.1 MSE and CMX 10.2 Location Service (Part 1)

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Title: RS0110 - Video Download $17
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The video walks you through a process of implementing Location Service with MSE and CMX on Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.1. We will cover details and requirements to have a successful integration. We will note both similarities and differences between the two products. 
Part 1 of this video covers location service prerequisites and Fast Locate
  • Prime Site Maps and Coverage Areas
  • Fast Locate
  • Mobility Services Engine (MSE)
    • MSE and Prime Integration
    • Service Synchronization
    • Context Aware Service (CAS)
    • Location Accuracy Test
  • Connected Mobile Experience (CMX)
    • Location Service
    • CMX and Prime Integration
    • Maps and WLC Import
    • Detect & Locate
    • Location Accuracy Test
    • Analytic
    • Connect & Engage

About Author

Metha Cheiwanichakorn, CCIE#23585 (RS, Sec, SP), is a Cisco networking enthusiast with years of experience in the industry. He is currently working as a consulting engineer for a Cisco partner. As a founder of and an instructor at, Metha enjoys learning and challenges himself with new Cisco technologies.


Hi Metha,

Do we need MSE to get advantage of location services or it it enough with CMX ?

Best regards,

Piotr Paszkowski

For location services, CMX supersedes MSE. If you have neither today, you might want to look into DNA Spaces.