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RS0038 - IPv6 HSRP

The video demonstrates IPv6 HSRP configuration on Cisco router. We will show how HSRP is integrated with IPv6 Router Advertisement message to provide first hop redundancy to end-hosts. HSRPv6 will be operationally compared to the IPv6 Default Router Preference method and any distinctions between the two will be made. We will use a router and Windows 7 computer as our test end devices.

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RS0008 - HSRP

The video demonstrates HSRPv2 configuration on two routers providing an IP gateway. Failover behavior caused by interface object tracking is observed. We look into the HSRP packet and identify differences between having MD5 authentication enabled and disabled. HSRP provides redundancy at the first-hop gateway to end devices. Although load balancing is possible, multiple HSRP group and virtual IPs are needed.

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