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Cisco WLC (Advanced) Video Bundle

Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (Advanced)
Number of Video: 
Total Duration: 
19 Hours (approx.)
Delivery Method: 
Online Download
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Over 20% Saving

Purchase Cisco WLC (Advanced) Video Bundle $229

This video bundle features a complete video download set for Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (Advanced). With over 19 hours of lab video tutorial, you will be able to get up to speed and become more familiar with the technologies. Buy this video bundle and view them locally on your computer at your own pace without internet connection, and also save over 20%. This video bundle provides configuration procedures for implementing advanced Cisco unified wireless solution based on AireOS platform. You should already have some familiarity with Cisco wireless technology and a working wireless environment before viewing this video series as we will not cover foundation of wireless but instead will be focusing on specialized wireless features. This bundle is designed for seasoned network engineers who want to expand their knowledge on capabilities of Cisco wireless or those that are studying for Cisco Wireless Certifications. Novice wireless users are advised to review our Cisco WLC (Basic) Video Bundle.

Please note that this video bundle covers AireOS only (no IOS XE) with topics listed below. A purchase of this video bundle will be eligible for any future video releases that are considered basic (under our 60-day policy), and NOT eligible for any videos released under the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (Basic) video bundle.
Not knowing which video to start with?
All videos in this bundle can technically be watched in any order if you are only interested in certain features. For those that would like to maximize their learning experience, we recommend watching all videos in numerical order as there might be some configuration dependencies from the previous videos.
Video List
  • WL0021 - WLC AP Group and RF Profile 30:37
  • WL0022 - WLC AVC and Netflow 43:40
  • WL0023 - WLC mDNS and Bonjour Gateway 56:18
  • WL0024 - WLC mDNS Profile and Policy 43:12
  • WL0025 - WLC Multicast VideoStream 51:55
  • WL0026 - WLC Voice over WLAN and QoS 84:10
  • WL0027 - WLC Local Device Profiling and Policies 52:39
  • WL0028 - WLC Miscellaneous Security Features 49:54
  • WL0029 - WLC Management Frame Protection and 802.11w 43:08
  • WL0030 - WLC CleanAir 59:43
  • WL0031 - WLC Rogue Detection and IDS 84:51
  • WL0032 - WLC Mobility Group L2 and L3 Roaming 67:59
  • WL0033 - WLC Mobility Anchor 63:08
  • WL0034 - WLC FlexConnect Fundamental 81:33
  • WL0035 - WLC FlexConnect Miscellaneous Features 50:50
  • WL0036 - WLC Office Extend AP (FlexConnect) 61:52
  • WL0037 - WLC Office Extend AP (OEAP600) 84:36
  • WL0038 - WLC 802.11u and Hotspot 2.0 56:16
  • WL0039 - WLC Mesh AP 75:56


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